Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day 5...gaining control!

Welcome back! Today was a much better day!! I woke up early and prepared my breakfast before the kids woke up. It was great! Lunch was prepared before I took a shower and enjoyed AT LUNCH TIME!! Dinner was yummy...except the miso soup. It had seaweed...and I will leave it out next time!! Preparing for a weekend away...eek!!

Breakfast, rice cereal and fruit & toasted walnuts! Loved it!!

Lunch--quinoa salad (eh...) and hummus and raw veggies. Enjoyed the veggies!! Surprise!!!

Dinner: stir fry veggies (ummy again!!), miso soup (blah) and brown rice! Yay! Forgot the pic because I was starved! Ha! I LOVE stir fry veggies! I will cook them the rest of my life! Ha!!!

Off to bed, friends!! Thanks for thinking of me today!

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