Wednesday, September 28, 2011

30 Day Progress

Here goes…



039 017

And the stats:

Weight (8/30) 127  (9/28) 124.6  Difference:  -2.4 lbs       

Waist  (8/30) 34.5in  (9/28)  31.75  Difference:  -2.75

Hips  (8/30) 39in. (9/28) 28.25 Difference: –.75in

Abductors  (8/30) 38.5 (9.28) 38 Difference: –.5in

Chest  (8/30)  32.5  (9/28)  31.5  Difference:  -1

Rt. Arm (8/30) 10.5 (9/28) 10 Difference: –.5

Lt. Arm (8/30) 10.5 (9/28) 10 Difference: –.5

Rt. Thigh (8/30) 20 (9/28) 19.5 Difference: –.5

Lt. Thigh (8/30) 20 (9/28) 19 Difference: –1

Body Fat % (8/30) 23.4%  (9/28)  21.5%  Diff:  -2%

Loss in inches:  -7.5 inches total in 1 month!!


Overall I am very pleased!  It’s hard to not see the weight fall off as quickly as I would like, but I know I am building muscle and that will in turn make the weight fall off quicker…and more permanently!  Hoping to see big changes this month!  The “Push” phase of ChaLean Extreme is HEAVY, HEAVY lifting!  I’m using 20lb weights in each hand for squats & such!  No less than 10 lbs on anything!  I am also adding running back into my plan.  3 days a week.  Hopefully that will get me out of the 120s soon. 

I am still having the Shakeology shakes for breakfast!  I have to say, I looooove them!  The greenberry (eh), but the chocolate…YUMMY!  I crave them and do NOT miss cereal or toast or any other type of breakfast!  I find that I snack less and I feel fuller when I drink them!  Definitely a part of my everyday eating regimen! 

Oh…and I’m now teaching a toning class every monday night at our local gym & will be teaching turbo kick soon!!  Great things in store for us!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

1/2 way done with first 30 day rotation!

Hi!  Life has COMPLETELY gotten in the way of my blogging!  I apologize!  I do assure you that I HAVE been working out!  EVERY SINGLE DAY!  I haven’t figured out how to get a day off…i think I might have to figure that out soon.  Here’s my current workout schedule:

Monday:  Run/jog 28 min  (week 8 of Couch to 5k)

Tuesday:  ChaLean Extreme Burn 1

Wednesday:  Run/jog 28 min

Thursday:  ChaLean Extreme Burn 2

Friday:  Run/jog 28 min/ChaLean Extreme Burn it Off/Extreme Abs

Saturday ChaLean Extreme 3

Sunday:  ChaLean Extreme Intervals/Recharge (yoga/stretching)

Hmmm…maybe if I move my Chalene Extreme up one day, I can have Sundays off…that’d be nice!

On to other news…I’m STILL replacing one meal a day with Shakeology!  I LOVE it and look forward to it every day!  It REALLY curbs my chocolate craving!!  I L.O.V.E. it!!!

AND…I will soon be teaching two classes at our local gym!  Turbo Kick (the class versiion of Turbo Jam/Fire) and a toning class!  I’m very excited and nervous!  I’ve wanted to teach classes for about 2 years now, so this is something I’ve been thinking about!  Now I just get to put it all together!  The toning class will begin NEXT WEEK!  The cardio will start the first week of October!!  Wish me luck!

I’ve lost about 2 lbs since I started this blog!  I’m excited to see how many inches in a few weeks when I measure again!!!  I feel a TON better and eating healthier has truly changed my life.  Today has been an OFF day for eating.  Last night my kids begged for coookies…i only had stuff to make Nutella cookies.  They ended up being 100 calories EACH!  Today I’ve had 3.5!!!  ughhhhh.  I also am out of salad…so I had some of the mini pizzas I made them out of biscuits.  i should have just eaten a sandwich…:(  I really look forward to my salads at each meal.  MUST GO TO STORE!  :)

Friday, September 2, 2011

I made it to the gym!

Most of you know that i take care of a billion kids a day…therefore its hard for me to get out.  (Actually I take care of my 3 kids and the 2 sweetest girls in the world and 1 super sweet boy).  HOWEVER, the older kids (all 4 years old) have started going to preschool 4 days a week!  Two of those days they go from 8am-12pm!  Today I did ChaLean Extreme Burn Intervals at home and then went to the gym with the 3 little girls (two are 2 and the baby is 14 weeks!) to run!  It was fantastic!  I rewarded them with a trip to the “purple park”…haha!  Good times!

I took a look at our forecast and…THE HEATWAVE IS ENDING!!  Forecasts of 80-90 degree weather have my heart skipping a beat!  haha!

While reading “Made to Crave” again the other day, a statement stuck out to me and I thought I’d share it with you!  “I can step on the scale and see the numbers as an indication of how much my body weighs and not as an indication of my worth.”  WOW!  Read that again!

“I can step on the scale and see the numbers as indication of how much my body weighs and NOT as an indication of MY WORTH.”

Wow…again!  That’s hard!  Stepping on the scale and not getting down on myself!  I tried that today…really a hard thing to do…by yourself.  However, realizing that God has more planned for me than just focusing on that number, I accepted it and felt FREE again from the worry and frustration! 

The other day after I commented on my weight, or tight clothes, or feeling fat, Justin said, “Why is that all you ever think about?”  It made me sad to hear my husband say that. He was so right though!  All the time I spend worrying about my weight could be spent on much more important things!

Mantra for the day…”My weight is NOT an indication of MY WORTH!” 

Have a GREAT day!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Off to a…start. :)

Yesterday was a day I did NOT want to get up and run!!  I waited until the last possible minute and then went…while it sprinkled!  haha!  It was BEAUTIFUL outside!  I run WITHOUT an ipod.  This started after reading a Runners world article about it.  I thought I’d try it…on a 6 mile run.  It’s all about focusing on your footfalls and really meditating. 

I needed that yesterday.  It was my day to run 10 minutes, walk 3, run 10.  (ok…not run…jog!).  On my last 10 minute jog I had a text message and somehow turned off my stopwatch on my phone…so I wasn’t too sure how much longer to go.  I looked up the hill I was running and decided to make it to the top.  It was HARD…as I was running I wanted to stop so many times.  I knew I had already passed my 10 minute mark…but I wanted to make it to the top.  A nagging voice kept saying, “just stop”.  Usually I listen to that voice (or I have during this “unfit” stage of my life).  But yesterday I thought about something that I saw on Pinterest…  “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”.  I want my NEW FIT life to begin…and I KNOW it takes hard work and commitment!  Running up that hill was a few minutes past my comfort zone…and it BEING a hill was way beyond comfort.  But let me tell you…I felt SO empowered when I reached that Farm Road 401 sign!  I felt FREE of the nagging voice! 

Today I actually looked forward to waking up and doing my ChaLean Extreme workout!  Lifting heavy is what ALWAYS puts my metabolism into overdrive and it felt FANTASTIC! 

Yesterday I tried Greenberry Shakeology with 1/2 cup of Orange Juice.  It was good…and different.  It is a REFRESHING drink…very different from the Chocolate.  I’m not going to lie…I much prefer the Chocolate with a splash of milk.  However, I can see on some mornings that I might want the Greenberry.  I’m going to try it with some strawberries next time!  Today was the pure chocolate and it was AMAZING!!!  Natalie took a few sips and loved it too!  haha!

On to other news…  P90X2 is available for preorder!  It looks incredible!  If you or someone you know loved P90X…this is something you NEED!  It takes it a notch higher.  If you preorder P90X2 from me, you get free shipping, 2 free P90X2 DVDs and you are guaranteed to get it before 12/25/2011.  Anyone who doesn’t preorder isn’t guaranteed that…something to think about!  This link takes you directly to my  page :)

And…here’s a little inside view at it!