Wednesday, September 28, 2011

30 Day Progress

Here goes…



039 017

And the stats:

Weight (8/30) 127  (9/28) 124.6  Difference:  -2.4 lbs       

Waist  (8/30) 34.5in  (9/28)  31.75  Difference:  -2.75

Hips  (8/30) 39in. (9/28) 28.25 Difference: –.75in

Abductors  (8/30) 38.5 (9.28) 38 Difference: –.5in

Chest  (8/30)  32.5  (9/28)  31.5  Difference:  -1

Rt. Arm (8/30) 10.5 (9/28) 10 Difference: –.5

Lt. Arm (8/30) 10.5 (9/28) 10 Difference: –.5

Rt. Thigh (8/30) 20 (9/28) 19.5 Difference: –.5

Lt. Thigh (8/30) 20 (9/28) 19 Difference: –1

Body Fat % (8/30) 23.4%  (9/28)  21.5%  Diff:  -2%

Loss in inches:  -7.5 inches total in 1 month!!


Overall I am very pleased!  It’s hard to not see the weight fall off as quickly as I would like, but I know I am building muscle and that will in turn make the weight fall off quicker…and more permanently!  Hoping to see big changes this month!  The “Push” phase of ChaLean Extreme is HEAVY, HEAVY lifting!  I’m using 20lb weights in each hand for squats & such!  No less than 10 lbs on anything!  I am also adding running back into my plan.  3 days a week.  Hopefully that will get me out of the 120s soon. 

I am still having the Shakeology shakes for breakfast!  I have to say, I looooove them!  The greenberry (eh), but the chocolate…YUMMY!  I crave them and do NOT miss cereal or toast or any other type of breakfast!  I find that I snack less and I feel fuller when I drink them!  Definitely a part of my everyday eating regimen! 

Oh…and I’m now teaching a toning class every monday night at our local gym & will be teaching turbo kick soon!!  Great things in store for us!!

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  1. Go mama go!!! You are my inspiration to keep going strong! I know keeping kids is hard work an you're still finding time to kick butt! :)