Tuesday, November 1, 2011

60 day Pictures

Wow…pictures always make my day!!!  I can’t see the drastic change when I look at the mirror…but I DO see it when I look at the pictures!  WOW!  This is what a loss of 16 inches and almost 7 lbs looks like!!  Not a huge pound loss…but a huge difference!  EEK!  :)  And I hear the LEAN phase of this program REALLY shows changes!  I can’t wait!

070 Day 60 017Day 30039Day 1 (shoulders!!!  Biceps!!!)

063Day 60013Day 30031Day 1

065  Day 60035Day 1 (holy smokes!!!)


067 Day 60014Day 30033Day 1 (can soooo see it in my face…not to mention belly!)

066Day 60015Day 30037Day 1 (goodbye love handles & flab under bra!!)

069 Day 60016Day 30038Day 1