Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day first oops day!

Day 3 started off great! 2 eggs, toast, and steamed kale. Fabulous! I also felt really good! Then...I got behind. My friend and her sweet 4 month old came to visit and I forgot to take my lunchtime supplements! I made a micro green salad for me and a Greek salad for her...and as I sat down I realized I forgot to do the supplements. Oh well, I though! I'll just pick back up at the next supplement. I forgot...again! Luckily I remembered before we headed to dinner. I was SUPPOSED to make nori rolls for dinner and take them with us to eat on the way. Instead I played with the baby! Ha! Actually...I just let time slip away. Sooooo I decided I would try my hand at ordering at a restaurant. The restaurant is THE BEST Mexican food p,ace in Vernon (only?). Anyway, I ordered a salad with pinto beans, tomatoes and avocado. They don't really specialize in salad...obviously, because it was the size of a d
Side salad with shredded lettuce, a WHOLE avocado (skinned and cut in half) and like 5 prices of diced tomato...and 1/4 cup or less of pinto beans. Mi topped with some salsa and actually enjoyed it. No chips, no queso...just my salad (and one teeny tiny useless bite of fajita chicken). I only ate about 1/2 or less of the avocado. Sooo...I was still hungry. When I got home I did a snack of tropical Shakeology with water and strawberries. Did the trick! Only one pic today!! So sorry!!!

Breakfast! It was yummy!

Lunch was basically this! (forgot the shredded carrot! Oops!)

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