Monday, July 9, 2012

Ultimate reset day 2

Today was a great day! The food all day was fabulous and I've felt pretty darn good! I weighed myself this morning...and I lost 2lbs! Now my intention at all! Oh well...I'm giving it a few days before I add a lot more food. (although...those wanting to lose weight...this program WILL help you!). Tomorrow will be the big test. Birthday party at the best restaurant in Vernon. Sighhhhhh....I'm going to take my supper and eat it on the way and then have a salad there. :). (and did I mention we go out of town this weekend?)

Now for the food!

HUGE breakfast!! 1 cup oatmeal, 1 cup blueberries (split between 2) and 1/2 cup yogurt. It was awesome! I put a little honey in the yogurt, but that was the only sweetener!

Greek salad. This was also awesome! Romaine heart, English cucumber, Roma tomato, kalabasa olives (yummy!), Greek dressing & left over chicken breast! (3-4oz). Topped with Greek salad dressing and toasted pine nuts.

Awesome, awesome meal! (I messed up the beans...they got mushed...oh well!). Brown rice (no flavoring), black beans with seasoning, 1/4 cup guacamole (yesssss), 2 tbsp salsa, 1 corn tortilla, steamed kale with lemon, himalayan salt & toasted pine nuts! It was great!!

Tomorrows meals will be a repeat basically of day 1, except for the dinner. nori rolls. Eek! Thanks for reading! Keep my knee in your's still killing me!

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