Sunday, July 8, 2012

Beachbody Ultimate Reset

Hi!  Long time no post!  I'm back...with a VENGEANCE!  ha!

So let me fill you in on what I've been up to!  In June Justin and I went to Last Vegas NV for Beachbody's Coach Summit.  This is essentially a gathering of all the coaches in the nation.  I qualified for the 5 year birthday party on the first night...and it was incredible!  AWESOME food, fun and fireworks!  All at the MGM Grand pools.  It was incredible!  We also worked out with Chalene Johnson (turbo fire/turbo jam/chalean extreme), Tony Horton (p90x, power 90, 10 minute trainer) and did the world's largest workout on the LV strip.  We met Tony Horton as well.  AWESOME trip.  WE  topped it off with bike riding also!  We did a 14 mile trip outside of Vegas (red rock canyon) that was awesome...but nothing compared to riding and being at the grand canyon.  That was the only word i can say.  God is the most wonderful artist and architect!

So, now to what I'm doing now.  A few weeks ago I rode a 50 mile bike ride and then a few days later got certified in Turbo Kick.  (all day training)  My knee pain came back BAD.  I knew I needed time off, so I decided to 3 weeks off...and while off I am doing the Beachbody Ultimate Reset.  It is a detox program meant to bring your body back to working the way it should.  more energy, weight loss, cholestoral drops, general Increase in the quality of life.  I'm not wanting to lose weight, but I could always benefit from more energy (although my shakes give me GREAT energy!  ha!) and also...I want the proper nutrition to help promote bone growth and healing for my injury (deep bone bruise at the knee joint).  This program takes you through 21 days of HEALTHY eating...and its a LOT of food! 

I plan on posting my daily thoughts and progress here!  Stay tuned!!  Thanks for visiting!

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