Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 4...bad day!

Today started off amazing. Felt great, slept well (other than waking up with asthmatic Cole). I didn't wash dishes last night, so I had to do that. then breakfast was YUMMY! Kids and I LOVED IT! Fresh fruit and yogurt! The fruit was so delicious and I think it was because I hadn't had sweets in a few days. The flavors were awesome and I felt like that's how God intended us to experience fruit. I imagine natives of any place on earth getting a taste of a fresh peach or great it must have been!

Then I had to get ready for a photo shoot at Justin's store...article about us meeting at United. No time for lunch I didn't even have lunch ready until 4:30. it was the nori rolls. Blah! I'm not a sushi fan...and I couldn't do the seaweed! I tried! I ended up dumping the contents and eating without the wrap. The lentil lime salad wasn't ready, so I never ate it! Not a happy camper. I washed dishes and basically had to get ready for supper. (no was ugly!)

Supper was great though (Justin came home from work and offered kid glad because they were driving me crazy!). Stir fry veggies in coconut oil (love it!), quinoa (great!) and cucumber tomato salad (red wine vinegar & balsamic vinegar mix).

Needless to say I'm glad today is over! Stressful day, prep time is killing me!!! I will survive though. I've learned that you should really prep at the beginning of the week. This hasn't been possible because we've been out of town so often...but I will for next week! I'm going to set out everything I need for breakfast tomorrow morning!! Goodnight!

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