Monday, September 17, 2012

What a Difference a Year makes!


May 26th, 2012 I had the sweetest baby girl!  My 3rd little munchkin that has completely stolen our hearts!  Things started off wonderfully!  Unfortunately she had the hardest time nursing.  During this process she developed a bad case of jaundice and stopped eating well.  In order to feed her more I had to pump and feed around the clock.  It was VERY hard on me and the doctors all recommended I eat more calories to produce more milk.  I did this until the beginning of August.  It was then that I looked at what had happened to me.  I actually lost all but 10 lbs of my baby weight within the first month.  I gained back 10 more in the next MONTH!  I had been eating blizzards and coconut M&Ms and anything else I wanted to “eat more calories”.  I was disgusted with myself and ready to make a change. 


I turned to my beachbody coach, Kristen Scott and asked for help.  I started up ChaLean Extreme (a beachbody workout program I already owned) and bought Shakeology (a meal replacement drink).  I also signed up to be a coach to receive 25% discount.  What that did…was hold me responsible!  I was paying for a discount on a product that was/is costly…so I wanted to be successful and justify that!  In fact…that’s when I started this blog!  Look back to August of last year and follow my journey!!

It was HARD!!  The third week, Kristen called and asked how I was doing.  I told her that I had gained 2 lbs…but I thought it was muscle mass.  She told me that….that probably wasn’t the case and asked what I was eating.  When I got SERIOUS about what I was eating…the inches and weight fell off.  Soon I was a fitness instructor and moving on to Turbo Fire.  I LOVE Turbo!!  (so much that I got certified to teach it this year!).

I was soooo motivated to lose all the weight that I was doing three workouts a day…3-5 days a week.  WELL…I’m not made of steel…and I developed a stress fracture in December.  It was right before Christmas and I knew I would have to be careful or I would gain all weight I’d tried so hard to lose.  I stayed strong and really stuck to my Shake regimen.  I lost my final 10 lbs from December-February.  i was not working out other than lifting weights on my arms and doing ab exercises.

In March I got a road bike and really enjoyed the cardio effects of it without hurting my knee!  In July my knee really bothered me, so I decided to try Beachbody’s Ultimate Reset.  (  It is a detox of sorts with supplements but focuses on clean eating.  it even gives you your entire three weeks worth of recipes!!!  I lost 5 more lbs!  I shed that layer of fat and KEPT my muscle. 

Since then I have maintained, AND my knee is getting better thanks to orthotics and physical therapy.  I’m teaching Turbo Kick and LOVE it!  Looking at these pictures…I’m amazed at how far I’ve come in 1 year!!  There were times it felt like nothing was happening…but it was…just slow!  Please let me know if You are ready for this!  I’d love to help you!  That’s the WHOLE reason I’m in this Beachbody coaching business!  To help people who are struggling with weight loss.  It’s hard…but once its achieved…WOW!

What a Difference 1 year makes!side 

 What a Difference 1 year makes!What a Difference 1 year makes!back

Love my shoulders from Chalean Extreme and p90x arms!!

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